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Levy Original electric scooter

Company discounts & subsidies for commuting

Skechers | Levy

Get up to $100 off the Levy Plus

Blue Subway electric scooter
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On-demand Transit

Mobility on your terms.  Own, rent, or subscribe through the Levy app

In addition to direct sales, Levy offers short term rentals to try our scooters before you buy in select cities. 

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Scooter X8 Battery
ultimate range


Swappable battery packs

Levy electric scooters come with fully removable battery packs that power your scooter up to 20 miles per pack.  Learn more.

Returns & Warranty

Levy, your way

Choose between customized colors, battery pack sizes, and tire options.  All shipped and serviced within the US. 

Buy Electric scooters

Use code SF-EMPLY-1522 at checkout for $100 off the Levy Plus.  Prior to checkout, your email we be validated in real-time to ensure criteria for the discount is met.