The Levy Battery System

The Levy scooters come with the first intelligently designed, quick swap battery system.  

Extend your scooter's range by adding multiple battery packs to your set up.  Keep them charged seperate and ready to go for when you need them most. 

Keep up with battery innovation

As battery technology improves, your scooters pack can quickly become out of date.  Owning a Levy can help future proof your investment by ensuring you can easily upgrade batteries when a newer version is released. 

Key Features



Built in charging port (charge either installed in the scooter or as a standalone pack.)

Only the highest quality Panasonic or LG cells

Quick Facts

Levy Battery

- 6.4ah Panasonic Battery Pack

- 8 -10 miles of range per charge

- 3 hour charge time

- 3.5 lbs


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Levy Plus Battery

- 10.4aH LG Battery Pack

- 16 miles of range per charge

- 4 hour charge time

- 5 lbs


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Levy Plus Battery

- 12.8aH Panasonic Battery Pack

- 20 miles of range per charge

- 4 hour charge time

- 5lbs


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