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Introducing the Levy Comparison Tool

In the market for a scooter? Trying to decide what type you’ll need? Levy is here to help! Attached to this article is a link to our new model comparison tool that places different companies’ scooters side by side for your viewing pleasure!

The Numbers Don’t Lie…

The best possible experience with micro-mobility, comes with having the right expectations of your scooter’s capabilities. Below we have outlined some basic specifications for common scooter models.

Maximum speed and range are often the first specs that customers look for. However, these stats can be misleading, since differences in weight and rider habits can cause variation. Metrics like motor power and battery capacity will tell a truer story of how a scooter will operate on the road. But more on that to come. For now, let's take a peek at some scooters that are out there.

In this article, we only list the wattage for power and the watt hours for battery capacity, since these metrics give a more accurate idea of the scooter’s capabilities. It is worth noting that a scooter with a higher wattage motor will drain the battery level faster if kept at the highest speed. Rider habits will also have an affect on the battery capacity. If you want a better idea of the expected range of your battery, check out our range calculator in which you can input the specs of your scooter as well as your rider habits to gain an estimate of your expected range.

Lightweight Commuter Scooters

A common type of scooter in NYC are lightweight, foldable, commuter centric scooters. These are best for the tighter, congested urban environment that requires a nimble ride. These scooters are usually foldable allowing them to be carried onto public transportation for different segments of a person’s trip. Popular scooters in NYC are the Unagi e500, Levy (Original and Plus) and the GOTRAX GXL V2.

All these models are around 27 lbs. and foldable, but have some varying power and capacity. The highest power in this category is the Unagi e500 with its combined 500 watt motor. However, the downside of this power is a decrease in range. The GOTRAX GXL V2 has a smaller battery capacity than the e500, yet Electric Scooter Guide has road tested both models and found that the GOTRAX goes further with its smaller capacity. This makes sense since its smaller 250 watt motor will require less charge over the course of a trip.

Utility/Performance Scooters

Another common type of scooter on the market are Utility or Performance scooters, such as the Segway Ninebot Max, the Apollo City, the Fluid Horizon 13 aH, and the Inokim QUICK-3. These scooters are typically priced over $1000 and have some key differences from the lighter and cheaper commuter scooters.

These models typically fold, weigh in the 40-50 lbs. range, do not have detachable batteries, have 400-500 watts of motor power, and around 600 wH of battery capacity. The benefits of these types of models are a larger range and a higher top speed. Typically, these models also have some sort of suspension and can handle a rougher ride. However, their increase in weight and size make them more difficult to combine with public transportation and may make commuter travel to office buildings more difficult. The lack of a detachable battery also makes these less portable, a desirable trait in commuter transportation.

Sport Scooters

The last classification of scooter models are the sport scooters. These are performance scooters that are going to have all the features and benefits. Some common models are the Apollo Phantom and the Inokim Oxo. These scooters are going to have over 2000 watts of power, over 1000 wH in battery capacity, have suspension, bright lights, and more. It is no surprise that with their great power, comes a great price point, usually exceeding $2000.

These models are often built for the most enthusiastic scooter owners, and are not ideal for the average commuter. For example, it is illegal in most cities for cars to go above 30 mph, much less an electric scooter.

Support For Your Scooter

When purchasing a scooter, you should be conscious of the support you will receive after purchase. Heavy and repeated use, with any scooter, will require some sort of maintenance or repair. To get the most out of your purchase you will want to make sure there will be access to parts and professionals to turn to.

Here at Levy, we offer an online support service to troubleshoot whatever issues you have. If you require more in depth support, we have a full service repair shop in NYC and offer a repair network around the US. Most companies do not offer these services to their customers after the point of sale. Some may not have a US presence at all or may not address any repairs past the warranty period (if they even have one). Do your research! Understand what support is available, what warranty policies you are accepting, and what they will cover.

Finding the Right Fit For You

The right scooter for you is really going to depend on your needs and riding habits. Consider whether you have a hilly commute or a long one. Think about whether you will need to combine your commute with public transportation or if you are not trying to break the bank for it. All these questions play a huge factor in your scooter fit.

In between two models, two brands? Use our online comparison tool to give you more information on your purchase! This tool will give you a better idea of the capabilities of current scooters so you can rest assured your purchase will get the job done.



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