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Electric Scooter Rental Fleet

Launch your fleet in days

Our platform includes everything necessary to start an electric scooter fleet. Vehicles, software, customer support, and a built-in user base. Start with as few as four scooters and be up and running in 7 days or less.

About Levy Fleets

Here at Levy, our mission is to bring well designed & affordable transit options to everyone. By partnering with independent operators, we're able to serve an expanded customer base while allowing you to earn passive income.

Electric Scooter Rental Software

All included with purchase of scooters

Rent an electric scooter

Rental Grade Electric Scooters with IoT and GPS


Vehicle Maintenance Support and Part fulfillment

Live support

Live end user support

ID verification

ID Verification & Billing, Payments, and Collections

Multiple uses, one platform

City Fleets

City Electric Scooter Fleets

Build a public fleet with advanced geofencing, operator tools, and analytics dashboards.