The different types of electric scooter tires

Tubeless Tires relies on a vacuum seal around the rim to hold air, no inner tube required. 

Similar to tires used on larger vehicles like motorcycles


Can be easier to maintain in the case of a small puncture, as tire sealant can stop any small leaks

Air-filled tires provide natural shock absorption that solid tires do not. 


Requires frequent refilling of air.  Since the tire relies on a strong vacuum seal, letting the tire get to lower pressure can cause leaks / flat tires. 

Installation of a new tubeless tires is harder than a tubed tire.  It will require a high pressure air compressor, and the tire will need to be heated before installation. 

Tubed Tires use an interior inner tube to hold air pressure

Similar to tires used on most bicycles


Inner tubes are cheaper and easier to replaced than tubeless tires

Do not require the higher frequency of refilling that tubeless tires do. 

Air-filled tires provide natural shock absorption that solid tires do not. 


Can be more prone to punctures if riding on rough surfaces

In the case of any puncture (large or small) the tube will need to be replaced.  Tire sealant does not work as effectively when compared to tubeless tires.  

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Solid rubber tires are non-pneumatic (do not hold air or use tubes)

They are maintenance / flat free


Will never develop a flat or puncture

Have a much longer lifespan compared to pneumatic tires. 

Similar to tires used on larger vehicles like motorcycles


Do not provide the level of shock absorption that air filled tires do. 

New solid tires (like tubeless tires) can be difficult to install without the right equipment. 

Less traction than pneumatic tires on wet surfaces. 

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