Are Electric Scooters Legal in Arizona?

In Arizona, electric scooters or "Electric Stand-Up Scooters" are defined as devices that:

  • Weighs less than Seventy-five pounds (75 lbs);
  • Has two (2) or three (3) wheels;
  • Has a handlebar and a floorboard that can be used to stand on while riding;
  • Is powered by an electric motor;
  • Has a maximum speed of twenty miles per hour 

A bill (linked below) is proposed that would grant users of electric scooters the same rights and restrictions of bicycle users in the state. This bill would also require scooters to have unique license plates.

Helmets are not required statewide but are currently required for any riders under the age of 18 in Tucson, Sierra Vista, Yuma county, and Pima counties.

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