Are Electric Scooters Legal in Kansas City, Kansas?

  • Riders may not operate bikes or electric scooters on sidewalks. They must ride in the street and keep to bike lanes wherever possible. Although it is not technically illegal to ride a bike on the sidewalk in Kansas City, it is generally easier for cyclists and safer for pedestrians if bikes remain on the road. Electric scooter riders may not use sidewalks.
  • Helmet use is encouraged, but not required. Helmets can help reduce the chances of fatal head injuries from crashes.
  • Riders should park their bikes and scooters close to existing bike parking racks. Riders must keep bikes and electric scooters away from entryways. This includes entrances to businesses, crosswalks, or anywhere else they could pose a tripping hazard to pedestrians.
  • Only riders with valid driver’s licenses may operate electric scooters.

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