Are Electric Scooters Legal in Minnesota?

In Minnesota, electric scooters (motorized foot scooters) have the same rights and responsibilities as bicyclists. This means that these vehicles may be operated on streets and highways without a driver’s license and without the vehicle being registered, licensed, or insured. They are considered “motor vehicles” under Minnesota law. Motorized scooters may not be operated on sidewalks.

An operator of a motorized scooter who is under age 18 must wear a helmet approved by the Department of Public Safety. A person must be at least 12 years old to operate a motorized scooter on public streets and highways. A motorized scooter must have a headlight and taillight that meet Department of Public Safety standards if it is operated (from sunset to sunrise, and whenever weather or other atmospheric conditions such as fog or smoke reduce visibility to 500 feet).

Further regulations regarding the safe operation of electric scooters and the presence of electric scooters on public property are governed by local authorities. 

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