Are Electric Scooters Legal in Mississippi?

In Mississippi, electric scooters or "Electric Stand-Up Scooters" are defined as devices that: 

  • Weighs less than one hundred pounds (100 lbs); 
  • Has two (2) or three (3) wheels; 
  • Has a handlebar and a floorboard that can be used to stand on while riding;
  • Is powered by an electric motor; 
  • Has a maximum speed of twenty miles per hour 

A person operating a standup electric scooter has all the rights and duties of a person riding a bicycle. Electric scooters are allowed on side walks, bicycle paths, and any street a bicycle is allowed. No person under the age sufficient to operate an automobile shall operate a standup electric scooter, and no person shall operate a standup electric scooter at a speed greater than fifteen (15) miles per hour. Scooters are not considered motor vehicles under Mississippi law. There are not statewide helmet laws and a driver's license is not required to operate an electric scooters.

Further regulations regarding the safe operation of electric scooters and the presence of electric scooters on public property are governed by local authorities. 

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