Are Electric Scooters Legal in Nevada?

In Nevada, electric scooters are defined as devices that: 

  • Weighs less than one hundred pounds (100 lbs); 
  • Has a handlebar and a floorboard that can be used to stand on while riding;
  • Is powered by an electric motor; 
  • Has a maximum speed of 20 miles per hour 

Electric scooters are allowed on any roadway, bicycle lane, path or route at a speed of not more than 15 miles per hour; and on a sidewalk and other pedestrian areas. Electric scooters are not considered motor vehicles and operators are not required to have a drivers license. Operators must be at least 16 years of age. There are no statewide helmet laws.

Electric scooters are subject to all the provisions of law applicable to bicycles and electric bicycles.

Further regulations regarding the safe operation of electric scooters and the presence of electric scooters on public property are governed by local authorities. 

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