Are Electric Scooters Legal in Newark?

E-scooters will be limited to 15 mph, and e-bikes to 20mph.
Riding on sidewalks is prohibited, unless the speed limit on the adjacent roadway is 30mph or higher.
For users 18 and older, there will not be a helmet requirement. There are two main reasons for this:

  1. First, requiring helmets sharply decreases the number of cyclists and micromobility riders on the streets, which makes streets less safe by diluting the “safety in numbers” effect. NACTO has pushed back on these laws as recently as last year.
  2. Second, a mandatory helmet statute, by reducing the number of customers using a micromobility service, jeopardizes the financial viability of service providers. This has resulted in the collapse of micromobility programs in other cities, such as Seattle.
    • That said, users are encouraged to wear helmets, and many providers hand out free helmets as part of their education and outreach.
  • Max speeds of 19 mph
  • Cannot block pedestrian traffic when parked on sidewalks
  • No registration, license or insurance is required for using e-scooters
  • Helmets are required for anyone under 17
  • Riders must follow all bicycle laws
  • Municipalities decide sidewalk/trail riding rules

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