Are Electric Scooters Legal in San Antonio?

  • Do park scooters with care.
  • Do provide ample space between pedestrians, buildings, entryways, ramps, and driveways.
  • Do use bike lines when available.
  • Do wear helmets to stay safe (helmets not required but encouraged).
  • Don't ride near pedestrians or on sidewalk.
  • Don't park scooters in the way of pedestrians.
  • Don't park scooters in the middle of sidewalks.
  • Don't park scooters in bike lanes or streets.
  • Don't leave scooters laying on the ground.
    The person operating or in control must be at least sixteen (16) years of age. (7) Riders may not have any passengers. Only one person may be on the vehicle when it is being operated. (8) Riders may not use a portable wireless communication device while operating a vehicle. (9) The wearing of a helmet is encouraged but not required. 

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