Are Electric Scooters Legal in South Carolina?

Under South Carolina law, there is no scooter classification, only motorcycle and moped.  All vehicles that are considered scooters must be registered and insured as motorcycles, regardless of whether or not they have a transmission with gears.

To operate a moped, you must have a class D, G, or M driver’s license. State law prohibits mopeds from exceeding a speed of 25 miles per hour. Any person under the age of twenty-one must wear a helmet on a moped or motorcycle. Moped drivers are subject to traffic laws governing other motor vehicles. A moped driver must have their license in possession at all times when operating a moped. It is illegal for more than one person to ride on a moped, unless the moped was designed for two people. Moped tags must be made of reflective metal and have a validation sticker on the tag.

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