Are Electric Scooters Legal in St. Louis?

The e-scooters can go up to 15 mph.
In the City of St. Louis, users of e-scooters are required to wear a helmet. Users are not allowed to ride them on sidewalks - stick to bike lanes and streets.
Bikes/e-scooters should be parked outside of the main sidewalk pavement (e.g. the strip of sidewalk between the walking area and the street where you may see parking meters, signs, and trees), and/or when possible at a public bike racks. Bikes/e-scooters should be parked to not obstruct doorways, driveways, cars, or people using mobility devices. Bikes/e-scooters can be locked by pushing the metal bar back through the spokes of the back wheel.
For e-scooters, people are required to wear a helmet.

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