Are Electric Scooters Legal in St. Petersburg?

Each Scooter shall have a governed maximum operating speed of fifteen (15) miles per hour and shall include a speedometer onboard to monitor speed. Whether the ground is flat or sloped the governor shall not allow the device to exceed fifteen (15) miles per hour. c. Each Scooter shall include front and rear side reflectors, statutorily required lights, front and rear brakes in good working order, an alert bell in working order, and an indicator to show charge status. By Florida Statute 316.2128, users of Scooters have the same rights and responsibilities of a bicycle rider, therefore each Scooter shall meet the minimum vehicle requirements also designated for a bicycle, including but not limited to white headlight and rear red taillight. City Code further defines the rights and responsibilities of Scooter users in the City.  User must be a minimum of eighteen (18) years old to operate a Scooter in the Program within the City and/or Operational Area. Operator shall require a scan of a valid driver license, or other government issued ID, to ensure identity and proper age of User. c. Proper roadway operations as provided for within the St. Petersburg City Cod

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