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Removable Batteries for Electric Scooters

The first electric scooter with removable battery packs

Levy's detachable battery packs can be charged outside the scooter.  Swap them out in seconds for virtually unlimited range. 

Easily replaceable
& upgradable

As battery technology improves, your scooter's pack can quickly become out of date.

Owning a Levy can help future proof your investment by ensuring you can easily replace batteries when a newer version is released.

Removable Battery Electric Scooter

Key features

Waterproof Electric Scooter Battery


Levy batteries are stored in the stem of the scooter, making them resistant to damage when compared to floorboard battery packs.

Fire safe Electric Scooter Battery

Fireproof Case

Our battery cells are packed in a fireproof battery case, complete with overcharge circuit protection. 

Chargable Electric Scooter Battery

Built-in charging port

No need to lug around your whole scooter to charge it.  Easily remove the 3 lb pack to charge separately.

Swappable Electric Scooter Battery

Highest quality cells

Levy battery packs utilize the latest Panasonic & LG 18650 cells, the same used in in industry leading electric cars.

Featured Products

Foldable Electric Scooter

The Levy Electric Scooter

The original model, with an interior stem battery pack


Levy Plus Electric Scooter Battery

The Levy Plus Scooter

Same swappable battery design, but double the range of the original Levy.


Removable Battery Electric Scooter
The Levy Battery Pack

Up to 10 miles of range in a 3.5 lb, ultra portable battery pack.


Quick Facts

Our electric scooter batteries can be replaced and swapped out in seconds.
Levy batteries are stored in the stem of the scooter keeping it safe and fully weatherproof.

Removable Battery Electric Scooter


The Levy Battery

  • 6.4ah Battery Pack

  • 8 -10 miles of range per charge

  • 3 hour charge time

  • 3.5 lbs


Removable Battery Electric Scooter

Levy Plus Battery

  • 10.4aH Battery Pack

  • 16 miles of range per charge

  • 4 hour charge time

  • 5 lbs