Attractive and modern. Lightweight and portable. The first electric scooter with a swappable battery pack. 


A sleek ride at an unbeatable value.  The Levy electric scooter boasts a powerful 350 watt motor, state of the art Panasonic lithium-ion battery packs, and aviation grade aluminum for a lightweight and durable build. 

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Key features

Choose between Beginner, Eco or Sport mode - plus cruise control.

Long lasting and fast charging 6.4 Ah Panasonic battery.

Built for portability, easy carrying, and storage.

18 Mph

10 Mile Range

27 Pounds

8.5" Tires

8.5 inch tubeless, pneumatic tires for maximal shock absorption.

Never stop moving

Keep a second battery charged to swap out in seconds. 

Levy batteries are stored in the stem of the scooter keeping it safe and fully weatherproof. 

More on the battery

Designed to keep you safe

Front to back, we've got you covered. Levy electric scooters come with a rear disc brake, front e-brake, and back fender brake to keep you in control.


Bright LED headlights in the front and taillight in the back to keep you riding no matter the conditions.


The Levy Original

  • 6.4ah Panasonic Battery Pack

  • 8 -10 miles of range per charge

  • 3 hour charge time

  • 27 lbs

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The Levy Plus

  • 10.4aH LG Battery Pack

  • 16 miles of range per charge

  • 4 hour charge time

  • 31 lbs

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Levy Plus - Extended Range

  • 12.8aH Panasonic Battery Pack

  • 20 miles of range per charge

  • 4 hour charge time

  • 31 lbs


For $499, it's hard to find a scooter with such a combination of looks, power, and comfort. It's an easy recommendation for people looking for a well-rounded, affordable electric scooter.

This midrange electric scooter has all the bells and whistle you need and doesn't cost four figures.

One of the best scooters of 2020. The battery is located in the steering tube unlike a lot of other scooters, giving it some body flexibility similar to a longboard for those bumpy roads.

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About Us

Move Free on a Levy

Here at Levy, our mission is to bring uniquely designed & affordable transit options to everyone. Our lightweight electric vehicles offer ideal alternatives to move when you want, where you want.

Whether you’re interested in renting, owning, or bringing Levy fleets to your own community - we’re here for you. 

Levy Fleets is a fully managed service that allows property owners to rent scooters using our vehicles, integrated hardware, and software.  Contact us to learn more.


If you don't love your Levy, send it back to us within 2 weeks for a refund.


All repair / replacement costs are fully covered for 6 months after purchase.


We're here for you 7 days a week, give us a call or email and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.

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