Electric Scooters, On Demand

Our platform allows property owners (apartments, hotels, and office spaces) to provide electric scooter rentals to their guests & residents, either as an added amenity or revenue generating service.  

About Us

Here at Levy, our mission is to bring well designed & affordable transit options to everyone. By partnering with property owners, we're able to delivery a truly unique experience to your residents and guests.

What We Offer

  • Electric Scooters and Batteries

  • Full Fleet & Rider Insurance

  • Fleet maintenance and replacements

  • Customer Support

  • In-app safety tutorials

  • Charging Equipment and Helmets

Hotels | Resorts

Give guests the delight of readily available transportation, the best way to get out and explore the surrounding destinations.

Apartments | Condos

Quick errands or long leisurely days around the city - whatever it is residents now have a cheaper, hassle free option of getting around.

Offices | Co-Working

Getting to meetings or running errands becomes faster and simpler when you can reserve a Levy scooter in seconds. 

How it works

Residents / Guests download our mobile app

Drivers License and Payment method is verified

In-app safety tutorial and rider agreement

Reserve, unlock, and go!

Durable scooters, built for rentals

GPS unit for trip tracking & theft prevention

30 mile range battery for all day riding

Remote lock/unlocking for stop-and-go trips

Variable speed modes for safe riding

Fully managed reservation system

Dynamic pricing allows you to set your own hourly or daily rates (or offer the service as a free amenity)

Guests are given a unique access code at check-in, or the vehicles can be opened up to the public.

We take care of overhead and operations, you just provide storage and charging overnight

Service Includes

Levy  Max rental grade electric scooter

Maintenance & vehicle replacements

Levy reservation & payment platform

Monthly 4G data access for GPS connectivity

Full liability & insurance coverage

Technical Support

Simple Pricing & Revenue Share


Per vehicle set up cost including shipping

Levy processes individual rental transactions

Get paid at the end of each month

Revenue share is based on financing of the vehicles, contact us to learn more.

Bring Levy to your property


Is there any other upfront cost to get started?

No, just a one time setup and delivery fee of $99 per vehicle.

How do I restrict access to just my guests or tenants?

Guests or Tenants of your buidling will be given a special access code to unlock scooters to make reservations through our mobile app. If you chose to eventually allow public rentals, this code can be used to keep the service as a free amenity for tenants while others are charged.

What other equipment is provided besides the scooters?

Levy provides helmets, physical locks, and chargers.

What about liability?

Levy provides full liability coverage for the riders and the fleet. In addition, our rider agreements and waivers are accepted through the mobile app, so your business isn't responsible for administering these forms.

Where can the scooters be ridden?

We advise riders to only use the vehicles on streets with bike lanes and avoid sidewalks and streets with a speed limit over 30mph. In some cases, we will geofence certain regions of the city to ensure the scooters aren't taken too far from the original location.

Where do I place the scooters?

Most buildings we work with place the scooters in their lobby for ease of access. They take up very little space, and the charging system works with any standard wall outlet.

Do I need any staff to look after the vehicles?

Responsibilites for the building include charging after the scooters are returned & checking for any unreported damage.

Can users lock the scooters while on their trip?

Yes, they can remotely lock the vehicles using the smartphone app which will prevent the wheels from turning and activate an alarm if the scooter is picked up and moved. We also supply physical locks if they plan on leaving the scooter unattended for a longer period of time.

What happens if the scooter is damaged or stops working?

Users can report any damage or issues through the app directly to Levy. For minor issues, we will dispatch someone to assess and repair within 48 hours. For major issues we will usually send a replacment vehicle and take the damaged one back.

How long do the scooters last before needing to be replaced?

Our scooters generally last 8-10 months before needing to be replaced. When the scooter is approaching the end of it's useful life, we will issue a new version (this is included in the $100/month fee).

What are the age requirements for renting?

We require all users to be 18+ with a valid drivers license. We verify IDs through our mobile app before the trip can begin.

How many scooters do you suggest starting with?

This varies depending on location, but we typically reccomend 1 for every 50 guests or tenants of your property.

Can I get additional vehicles if demand is higher than expected?

Yes, we can get you additional scooters programmed for your location within 72 hours of request.

How much will electricity cost to charge these?

These scooters are incredibly energy efficient. In New York, the average retail price of a kWh of electricity is 14.74 cents. To fully charge our 230 watt-hour scooter it then costs (14.74 kWh / 1000) * 230, or ~3.4 cents.

Can I custom brand these scooters?

The Levy logo will always be included on one side of the scooter, but you can place your logo on the reverse side.

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